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Netherlands is now another best choice for Study in Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs i.e. IBMS, IBE, IFBM, International Marketing, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Information Communication Technology, Software Engineering, M.Sc in BM, M.Sc in ILSCM, MBA and Pre-course for English Language, etc.


About Holland:

Holland covers around 41,000 square kilometers and has a population of in excess of 16 million. With a rich cultural heritage, the country has been home to many of history’s most famous names in the areas of Art, Literature, Philosophy and Science. It also has a long history of international trade, having forged links with countries around the world from as early as 1600, bringing together new knowledge, skills, business and ideas. The warm welcome we give to the rest of the world has earned us a well-deserved reputation for openness in all aspects of society.


‘Holland’ or ‘The Netherlands’?

Should you call to country ‘Holland’ or ‘The Netherlands’? And what’s the difference between the two? The country’s formal name is ‘Nederland’ (The Netherlands), meaning the ‘Low Country’, or the ‘Lowlands’, as much of the land is at or below sea level. The Netherlands consists out of Twelve Provinces. Two of them, North and South Holland, are the two provinces that together make Holland and they are the most heavily populated of all the provinces, encompassing the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Due to the maritime and economic power of these provinces in the 17th century, the Netherlands became known worldwide as Holland. To make matters even more confusing the inhabitants of the Netherlands are called Dutch.


Living in Holland:

Holland is not a large country. It takes about four hours to travel by train from Groningen (in the north) to Maastricht (in the south). As approximately a quarter of Holland lies below sea level, it is good to know that the excellent and famous Delta Works keep the sea at a safe distance. The population of Holland is expected to increase to 18 million by the year 2050. The total area of Holland amounts to more than 41,000 square kilometers, which means that we have a relatively high population density of almost 500 people per square kilometer.



The Dutch climate features cool summers and mild winters. The average temperature in the summer months is 16.6º C and 2.8º C in the winter months. It is a typical maritime climate as one would expect if consulting a map and noting its position in respect to the North Sea.


Why Study in the Netherlands?

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